A Review of Best Home Theater Projector

There comes a time when you do not want to go to the movie theatres. Thanks to technology, you do not have to. You can bring the movie theater experience in your own home. There are home theater projectors on the market to help with that. They are affordable too; a brand below $500 is good enough. The market has many projector brands but you deserve the best home theater projector even if you only have $500.

Table of Content

  1. BenQDLP Projector
  2. BenQ DLP W1070 Projector
  3. Epson EX5240 3LCD Projector
  4. Epson Powerlite
  5. Epson Home Cinema 740HD 720p

Here is a guide on the best home theater projector.

BenQDLP Projector

This brand comes with great brightness rating. The 3300lumens of brightness is great. With a contrast ratio of 13000:1 BenQ stands to be a high quality, affordable projector for home use. The screen is designed to give you the very best picture quality, clear and sharp images at all times. It works well with any level of ambient light in the room. BenQDLP is compatible with any screen of 36-300inches.About lamp life, you have 10,000hours to enjoy before replacement. BenQDLP is eco-friendly considering it only uses 0.5watts in standby mode and has a power saving feature. With the HDMI characteristic, it is possible for you to watch TV on your projector screen. You can even watch movies from your laptop or whichever video source you have. You will love the year warranty on all parts of the projector.  


  • Lightweight, thus easily portable
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Has thrice the brightness of most projectors
  • Supports HD 3D and Blu-ray videos


  • Lacks USB port

BenQ DLP W1070 Projector

BenQ DLP W1070 Projector is definitely doing great in the projector industry with a second brand on the list of best home theater projector. This model is different from the previous one as its features are lower. For instance, its brightness is 2000lumens. Besides, the screen is as big as 200inches, not more. Contrast stands at 2000:1. The lamp lasts for 6000hours. The RGBRGB color wheel ensures you get high-quality color images.  

However, other features make this brand amazing for use. The 1080pixel rating provides clear images. It offers full HD 3D viewing. Built-in speakers are great. The lens shift allows you change positions of the images (up, down, left and right) on the screen. The model is very easy to set up.


  • Energy Saving
  • User-friendly 
  • Has adjustable features such as brightness
  • HD viewing


  • Overheating problems
  • Takes time switching on after it is off

Epson EX5240 3LCD Projector

Epson EX5240 3LCD Projector comes with amazing features that make it irresistible to pass by. Brightness and color of 3200lumens is just great. 3200lumens white brightness works well in rooms well lit, even during the day. The HDMI allows you watch your TV using the projector. The 3LCD technology improves its performance. Epson’s XGA resolution of 1024×768 is much better than projectors with SVGA resolution. Do not worry about preparing this projector. It is easy and fast. It also works well with current laptops and media players. You will have control over the setting and image adjustments. This way, you are able to watch content at the settings you are comfortable with.  


  • Portable
  • Better brightness
  • Great image quality
  • Sturdy


  • Fan can be noisy if not set in eco mode
  • Image adjustment is limited

Epson Powerlite

Epson is a popular name when it comes to household electronics such as printers, projectors included. With this make, it has 108pixels resolution. The 3D 3LCD is efficient at producing best quality images. White brightness and color brightness is 1800 lumens, contrast ratio being 13000:1. You will appreciate the role the lens shift does on Epson. Epson Powerlite Projectors lamp life is 6000hours on eco mode but 5000hours on normal mode. Do not worry about connectivity issues. There is HDMI, RCA stereo, a VGA and 1 USB port.


  • Usable with 3D and 2D images
  • 300inch images


  • Produces little noise sometimes

Epson Home Cinema 740HD 720p

Epson Home Cinema 740HD 720p features 3000lumens color and white brightness, HDMI, and 15000:1 contrast ratio. The maximum screen size is 300inches giving you an amazing experience. This Epson model has a lamp life of 10,000hours when running on eco mode and 5000hours when on normal mode. It has great connectivity feature which includes a USB port, RCA, a VGA D-sub 15 pin and of course HDMI. It is suitable for playing video games as well.  


  • Quality pictures
  • Super brightness
  • HD images


  • Lacks lens shift
  • Low speaker volume

After reading through the review, it is now possible for you to decide which brand is the best home theater projector for you. You should not go shopping without prior knowledge of projectors again.