Detail Overview of BenQ DLP W1070 Home Theater Projector

We require projectors in almost all fields that will actually need presentations. Any project to be presented needs the best projector that will make the process simpler and at the same time entertaining! The question is, is it possible to get the best projector that will actually warrant the success of any kind of presentation? The answer here is simply simple! Ben Company is actually the best manufacturers of the leading projectors. This company always factors in all the necessary requirements that every projector should possess for the best presentation experience. It’s actually one of the leading companies that have been in operation for a good period of time! They have really managed to produce the amazing BenQ DLP W1070 type that really has the best and the most fulfilling features that are actually very enticing!

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  1. What is a BenQ DLP W1070 Projector and how does it work?
  2. Key features of
  3. Price
  4. Advantages of and Disadvantage of BENQ DLP W1070

What is a BenQ DLP W1070 Projector and how does it work?

The Ben QW1070 full HD 1080P is an amazing 3D DLP projector that actually delivers the best 2000 ANSI lumens of brightness with amazingly silent performance. With a noise level of only 33dBA under normal operation mode. This amazing best home theatre projector will really support all kind of the 3D formats with the best contrast ratio! It’s really one of the leading projectors that has a well-established native resolution.

Key features

Among the top-rated features that really put the BenQ DLP projector at the top are actually based on the performance and the setup. The key feature that really ensures that you enjoy the best operation is the full HD 3D 1080 p image projection that really goes a wide range even up to 200 inches. The brightness is actually highly raised and you will enjoy the 2000 ANSI lumens of brightness that really ensures that every detail of the image is clearly displayed! The contrast ratio is always amazingly appealing with a 10000:1 contrast ratio!

The smart Eco technology is also something else that really makes the BenQ projector the best. Much credit is actually put on this amazing technology that actually ensures that much power is conserved. It also has an auto standby power mode that can actually prolong the lamp life to last even for more than 6000 hours. You will actually have the best and the most memorable moments while watching the full HD 1080 p movies, shows or even any other action cinema anywhere in your room.

Notably, the BenQ W1070 projector is actually one of the rare projectors with built-in speakers! These amazing speakers are always plugged and play ready. You will only be required to have the power cord and the source of video connection made ready as you prepare for the most memorable viewing experience!

This amazing projector does really support multiple forms of 3D formats including the HDMI, The Blu –Ray and also the 3D broadcasting. Other best features are the video games ability and the NVIDIA 3DTV PC connectivity. All these are actually well designed to make the BenQ projector the best and will actually warrant the uninterrupted viewing moments which is actually enhanced by the amazing DLP technology!

Notably, this best projector will actually need fewer skills to set it up! It’s really easily achieved with only by just the plug and play process. It can actually play for many devices with the doubled HDMI ability and also the multiple connections ability! It’s really one of the world’s best devises that have rare features that make up a projector!




This projector is really one of those kinds that won’t really break your bank. Its price is really affordable and is customer friendly! With only a sum of 500 dollars, the ban projector can be actually obtained from Amazon which is really the best-selling platform!

Advantages of and Disadvantage of BENQ DLP W1070 Projector

BenQ DLP W1070 Home Theater


The best home theater projector does really pose amazing benefits such as that has really made it the highly coveted choice at Amazon! The key benefits that you really get out of this include:

  • Best and quality performance brought by the amazing color brightness
  • Amazing smart Eco technology that really conserves energy
  • The silent operations that really gives the desired comfort during the presentation
  • Available at the most cost-effective prices.


Actually, the BenQ projector has the most overwhelming positive reviews except for a few concerns about the bulb that explodes easily. Some cases of overheating have also been reported otherwise this projector is really one of the best home theater projectors!

Customer review

When a keen look is actually taken at Amazon which really has over 100 reviews, it’s evident that almost all the reviewers are really giving the best reviews! The majority are really contented and they are even giving the five-star ratings basing on the performance and the effectiveness of the highly rated projector. Little complains about the hitches have been really reported.

Final thought

To conclude, the best home theater projector is really available at Amazon and it possesses all the quality features that should be contained in any kind of projector. This key and rare features are actually what you should subscribe to by acquiring the leading projector that is designed by one of the best companies in the world!