Fundamental Steps to Choosing the Right Career and Its Importance

One of the meaningful parts of a person’s life is what they do or used to do to earn a living. Often times, people introduce themselves with their names and what they do. This means that choosing the right type of job is an important decision in life. This is what is known as a career. However, the dynamics of the labor market are quickly changing and it’s important to choose a career that you like and still appeal to the current trends. This article offers a comprehensive career guide with details of everything that you need to know.

Table of Contents

  1. What’s a Career?
  2. How to Pick a Career You Actually Like
  3. Vital Steps to Choosing the Right Career
  4. The Importance of Choosing the Right Career

What is a Career?

It is an occupation which a person is well-skilled for. A career is usually a person’s individual journey where they learn, work, and do other roles that relate to their profession or calling. For most people, a career is simply that part of their life that relates to employment. It’s basically composed of job titles, work, and salary.

How to Pick a Career You Actually Like

Everyone in life has their own true calling. There are some jobs which you find interesting and doing them will absolutely bring joy in your life. However, sometimes you can have multiple job interests and unsure of what career you like. To help you pick the right career that you will love, outlined below are some key factors that you should consider.

  • Think about what you love and excites you. You need to be content with your career because this is something that you are going to do on daily basis.
  • Remember what you are good at i.e. your passion and skills.
  • Carry out a test. Note that career assessments tests will help you to narrow down your interests. This way, it will be easier to match your skills with the right jobs.
  • Do an internship to determine which career or job field you love the most. Note that an internship is also an opportunity for you to network.
  • Look for a mentor who will advise you on what is good for you. You will also be able to get valuable insights.
  • Try to explore other careers that are considered unconventional.
  • Ask other people questions who are not in the same career field as you and mine for information.
  • Use the GPV formula to calculate your Gifts, Passions and value. This way, you will be able to determine your core strengths in addition to passions and values.
  • Make a career plan and clearly map out where you see yourself in the future by creating solid milestones.
  • You need to view your career as the stepping stone that will be filled with challenges and a mixture of experiences but definitely worth having.

Vital Steps to Choosing the Right Career

Vital Steps to Choosing the Right Career

Selecting the right career path is something that can’t be done in a day only.  It takes weeks or months and sometimes even years in order to determine what you need.  You can change your career as many times as you want. So, what are the essential steps that you should follow when choosing a career?

Do Self-Assessment

Before making any decision, carry out a self-assessment. Reflect on what job you love. The environment you like working in, who you can work with etc. During this process, try and write some notes which will be used for referencing later on. When you perform a self-assessment, ask yourself questions like “what are my key values?” “What are my soft and technical skills?”, “what am I interested in?” etc.  and write down the answers to these questions. In case you are not sure of your answers, discuss it with a close family member or one of your close friends.

Understand Your Must-Haves

The job you are looking for needs to have some must-haves. These things can be salary, your off days, travel benefits, bonuses etc. To easily identify your must have, you can try to create a question and answer list.  Some of the things that you can highlight include:

  • What is your minimum expected salary?
  • Can you take a job which requires travelling?
  • Does the job offer benefits like time off, healthcare plan?
  • Can you work remotely?
  • Is there a certain type of environment which you can’t work in?

Knowing what you need your job to have will save you from disappointmentsThe must-haves will help you to easily research on the best types of job for you.

Make a Specific Job List

Once you have understood what you need for a job, create a job list that you want to explore. This list should only have those jobs that you find desirable and interesting. In case there’s a job that you don’t know much about, you can still jot it down and then research about it later. Note that job titles may not accurately describe the actual job. So, look at the job description.  While creating the job list, consider:

  • Your network of colleagues and friends
  • Appealing job industries
  • Your values and goals
  • your talents and strengths

Research Your Job List

Once you have made your job list, you need to do a research so that you can narrow the list down. Your final list should have those jobs that relate to your job interests. To create this list, you need to identify things such as:

  • How the job relates to your day to day life
  • Job requirements and salary
  • Growth prospects

The current job outlook on the market is unlike what existed in the previous decade because the dynamics are rapidly changing. There are new job trends and you should only go for a job that appeals to the current labor market.

Update Resume and Go for Job Training

Your job list should now have two or three career paths. Assess the list and check if you need job training or additional credentials. Note that some employers don’t offer job training and they expect the job candidates to already possess those skills. If needed, go for a job training to update or refresh your skillsPay attention to the education, experience, and the requirements section. After you have established that you have those skills, then go and update your resume so that it can reflect the job description as well as your skills and strengths.

Do the Job Application

You can now search for the job opportunities online using your laptop or mobile device. Don’t forget to use the filter button for an easier selection process. Set your search to include things such as the job type i.e. contract, part-time, full-time etc., distance or location, experience level among others.

Continue to Learn and Grow

A new career path usually comes with lots of challenges. However, you need to take time to learn and grow. Pay attention to what aspects of your job that you enjoy and then try to learn the other aspects which you don’t find interesting. If you are starting a new career, you need to:

Capitalize on the first year: this is the period where you need to make the most out of your job. Learn about your job industry and them be an established team member. Do lots of research.

Track your goals: keeping track of your goals will help you to advance in your career.

Invest in your interest: take your time and do the tasks or roles that you enjoy. Spend time doing them and exploring further. This will help you to get the most out of your role and enjoy your work more.

Importance of Choosing the Right Career

Importance of Choosing the Right Career

Choosing your career is one of the vital decisions you will ever make in life. Currently, professionals have a wide range of job avenues which were previously unavailable. But choosing the right career is not only about you earning a living but also doing what you love and advancing your skills. The importance of choosing a career which satisfies your needs is unmatched. Some of its benefits include:

Earning Potential

Choosing the right career path is important for economic security. Completing your degree, masters, diploma etc. opens the door to middle or upper class membership. Note that the road to a gratifying salary always starts with matching your majors, talents, and technical programs.

Job Satisfaction

If you love your job, getting out of bed on a rainy and cloudy Friday morning isn’t that hard.  Job satisfaction helps to reduce the likelihood of dissatisfaction. Choosing the right career path allows you to do what you love with a lot of ease and happiness.

Guaranteed Job Security

Modernization has bought lots of changes. Do not just choose a job because of salary, you risk slacking behind not forgetting the constant anxiety or stress that comes with being overqualified or underqualified. The right type of job will buffer any stress or anxiety that comes with job changes. And even if you lose your job, you are sure that you won’t fail to secure a new job because you are well-qualified.

Early Retirement

Choosing the right career gives you the freedom to retire early. Most professions consist of lucrative jobs which usually have high payment packages as well as good retirement plans. Note that a lot of people are currently delaying their retirement because of pension and social security cuts. Statistics show that most folks often struggle to financially once they retire and may even consider rejoining the work force.

Final Thoughts

Your career is part of you. Choosing the right career is important for your financial needs as well as mental well-being. When choosing an occupation, make sure that it not only suits appeals to you financially but it should also be able to align with your skills and personal values. The above-mentioned steps to choosing a career will greatly help you to make the right decision and land your dream job.